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Low season Safaris in East Africa

Natural World Kenya Safaris Latest News

Low season Safaris in East Africa

  • Natural World Kenya Safaris
  • April 4th, 2019

Before peak season arrives, East Africa experiences long rains from April to June, offering a respite to the dry terrain of Kenya and Tanzania’s national parks.

This time of year may see poor weather, but this does not take away from the countries beautiful landscapes and scope of magnificent wildlife.

So, if you’re embarking on your very first safari holiday over the course of the next few months, or planning on doing so in the future, Natural World have captured all the advantages of a low season safari!

What can I expect when on a low season safari?

From June to October, tourism is at its peak in East Africa, offering scorching temperatures and dry open plains, making for visible wildlife spotting and a variety of adventurous day trips.

Despite this, low and shoulder season are often misconstrued. Long rains do not mean you will be in for disappointing game viewing or satisfactory landscapes.

In fact, you will be able to see the traditional heartland of Africa’s wildlife safaris in all their glory, across destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania.

Low costs and less crowds

April to June and October to December, are when long rains spread across the region. During the rainy seasons, the prices for safaris drop, as mainstream travel advice is to avoid the bad weather conditions.

Due to the lower demand, accommodation rates fall and flights become cheaper, and with game viewing on safari just as good as peak season, these slashed prices are an opportunity not to be missed.

Game viewing traffic jams and competition for the best space for wildlife sightings can also be avoided, as less travellers will allow you to connect more personally with the breath-taking destinations.

Year-round game viewing

Game viewing in East Africa is spectacular all year-round, with many Kenya and Tanzania destinations home to the Big 5, among birdlife and other flora and fauna.

Kenya’s prime location for bird spotting is Lake Nakuru, attracting an array of over 400 bright and diverse birdlife from across the world when the rain falls.

If you’re on the hunt for safari game, many animals give birth during the wet seasons, so this is the best opportunity to catch plenty of animals nurturing their young.

Not only this, but the famous wildebeest migration is an event sought after by tourists during peak season, however it can be seen at any time of the year in Tanzania.

Catching the spectacle does largely rely on knowing where to be at the right time, so make sure you consult an experienced tour guide before planning your trip!

Natural World’s low season safari holidays

One of Kenya’s prime spots for wildlife is the Masai Mara. The Mara ecosystem hosts the highest concentration of wild animals, and this doesn’t change throughout the rainy seasons.

We offer a variety of unique safari packages, providing an unforgettable experience across the Masai Mara no matter when you visit. Discover the right Masai Mara safari package for you and embark on a safari journey like no other.

Not only is there a range of Kenya destinations, but at Natural World we can incorporate both Kenya and Tanzania into your safari holiday!

Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, where you can see the great wildebeest in their natural habitat. Game view drives across the Serengeti offer some of the best wildlife viewing in the world, earning the destination the title of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

With packages exploring Tanzania’s most incredible National Parks, choose your low season Tanzania safari for a once in a lifetime trip.

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Low season Safaris in East Africa
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