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Daily Private Safari Tour

Great Plains Wildlife, Massive Herds of Elephants, Awesome Birdlife

Starts From/Returns to Watamu, Malindi beach resorts. We’ll pick you up from your hotel or resort. Then travel comfortably in your own 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep.

A full week of adventure beckons on this complete African safari exploring Kenya’s finest national parks. You’ll see red-dusted elephants, the majesty of Mt. Kilimanjaro, flamingoes, lions, and buffalo; plus, the world-famous savannah of the Masai Mara with its streaming herds of wildlife. Just about every type of animal and scenic feature will be waiting for your discovery on this medium-length safari. So, take a break from the coast and join us for 7 exciting days of wildlife exploration.

We’ll begin at Kenya’s largest reserve, Tsavo East National Park, home to the legendary Tsavo lions and other great predators. During our week-long safari, you’ll be enjoying unlimited game drives at the parks and an easy pace – plenty of time to take in the wildlife. At Amboseli National Park, elephant sightings are guaranteed, and the game viewing is prolific.

We’ll enjoy different types of safaris at Lake Naivasha – sailing across the lake past hippos and birdlife and then walking and cycling safaris at nearby Crescent Island and Hell’s Gate National Park.

Rhinos, lions, flamingoes? They’re all at Lake Nakuru National Park – another Rift Valley lake known for its diversity and scenic beauty. Then, we’ll journey to Kenya’s most popular park, the renown Masai Mara National Reserve, home to the greatest density of wildlife in the region. Get your checklist out – you’re going to be viewing a wonderful variety of creatures great and small.

On the evening of the seventh day, we’ll fly you back to the Kenya coast from Nairobi, or, try the new Madaraka Express, a modern standard gauge train back to Mombasa. Let us know your choice for this and all aspects of your tour. We’ll customize this special adventure to your liking.

All-Inclusive. Your 7-day trip to Tsavo East/Amboseli/Lake Naivasha/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara safari includes all transportation, park entrance fees, game drives, accommodations and meals.

Natural World Kenya Safaris always offers you the most in choice and flexibility. You can even customize the cost of your safari, depending on your choice of season, the number of travelers in your party, and your pick of accommodation. Depending on your style or budget, choose from economy, comfort or luxury safari lodges or tented camps.

But it’s important to know… whatever level of accommodation you choose, your actual safari adventure with us will always be at our highest standards.

Your Guide. For your 7-day Tsavo East/Amboseli/Lake Naivasha/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara journey you’ll be guided, hosted and looked after by your own experienced driver/guide.

Transportation to the park and game viewing will be in a private 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep – this vehicle is the safari standard with its higher seating and rugged all-wheel drive. Always included on our tours, the Land Cruiser Jeep is just another example of the value we offer you at Natural World Kenya Safaris.

Customize Your Holiday 

If you’d like to customize your safari or have any special desires, please let us know. We’re here to make your safari wishes come true.

Please check the guide below for your African Safari Costs.

Safari starting points & pickup times:

From the resorts and hotels of Malindi: 0800 hrs. 

Watamu beach resorts/hotels: 0800 hrs.    

Tour Highlights:

  • Tsavo East National Park
    - Game viewing drives
    - Lion, elephant, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo, antelope, warthog, ostrich, Baboons, birds…
    - Herds of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling or simply foraging
    - The beautiful man made Aruba dam located on the north bank of the seasonal Voi River, is visited by thousands of animals and is a great game viewing destination.
    - Mudanda Rock - this whale-backed rock towers above a natural dam, which acts as a draw to thousands of elephants
  • Amboseli National Park
    - Mount Kilimanjaro, highest mountain in Africa
    - Observation Hill Viewpoint
    - A glimpse of African homesteads & cultures
  • Lake Naivasha
    - Boat ride
    - Visit to Hell’s gate national park
  • Masai Mara Game Reserve
    - Unlimited game viewing drives
    - Tree studded typical savannah terrain and a multitude of Wild animal species.
    - Colorful Masai tribesmen
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
    - Hundreds of bird species including few flamingos, pelicans and others
    - Rhino sanctuary
    - The Great Rift valley escarpment - Awesome scenery
  • 80% of Africa in 7 days
  • Masai village visit at either Amboseli or Masai Mara (arrange with your driver guide) = $ 20 per person - Optional
  • Hot air balloon ride at Masai Mara (enquire with us) = $ 420 per person - Optional

Tsavo East - Amboseli - Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara Safari Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
  • Collection
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Overnight
  • Safari
  • Drop Off

MALINDI/WATAMU – TSAVO EAST (120 kms – Approx. 3 hrs)

Your driver/guide will pick you up from your Kenya coast beach resort or hotel in a 4 x 4 Jeep for your safari journey. We’ll take the Malindi-Mariakani Road and then the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway to Tsavo East.

The approximately 3-hour drive will be on a smooth scenic road with refreshment stops along the way.

Arriving at Tsavo East, we’ll stop to stretch and take a short break. Then, we’ll commence our first of many game drives during our week-long safari.

Tsavo East boasts plentiful big game over its rugged and red-dusted expanse. We’ll be looking for lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and many other great and small animals in this large park.

We’ll enjoy lunch at our accommodation and then as the day’s heat begins to disperse and the wildlife emerges from the bush, we’ll head out on an afternoon game drive.

Throughout your 7-day safari, your expert driver/guide will be your host and companion, leading you to the best spots to view the animals and answering any questions you may have.

We’ll return to your lodge or tented camp for the evening, taking in the savannah and the setting sun, as the natural world settles into the night.

Our first safari night will be at your choice of lodge or tented campground.

What you may  see at Tsavo East National park …….

Large mammals including vast herds of dust-red elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile, Waterbuck, Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk and Hirola.

TSAVO EAST – AMBOSELI (300 km, Approx. 5 hrs)

We’ll be up for the sunrise and the birdsong in the waking savannah. This is a wonderful time to appreciate nature and track the emerging wildlife.

We will enjoy breakfast and then take an exit game drive as we depart for Amboseli Park.

Look for imposing Mt. Kilimanjaro as your guide to Amboseli, which lies at the foot of Africa’s tallest peak.

Then, it’s time for a game drive in this smaller park. But smaller doesn’t mean less wildlife. In fact, the sparse foliage here makes game viewing easier. Amboseli is known for its dense animal population – especially free-ranging elephants.

All of this is presented with the majesty of Kilimanjaro as your backdrop. It’s hard to take a bad picture in Amboseli.

Tonight, we’ll stay in Amboseli at your choice of safari lodge or tented camp.


What you may  see at Amboseli National park …..

Elephant,Cheetah,Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion ,Crocodile, Mongoose, Hyrax, Dik-dik, Lesser Kudu.

AMBOSELI – LAKE NAIVASHA  ( 340 km – Approx. 7 hrs)

We’ll be up early again for the sunrise but also to view the summit of Kilimanjaro. This is the best time to view the famous snow-capped peak when the cloud covering often shears away.

After breakfast, we will take one last game drive here as we exit the park.

We’re on to Lake Naivasha but on the way, we’ll stop in Nairobi for lunch. We’ll then proceed through the Rift Valley, arriving at the freshwater lake in time for a sailing safari.

At Lake Naivasha, we’ll glide past hippos and other aquatic life, taking in the park and perhaps some zebra and antelope grazing along the shore.

We will overnight here at your safari lodge or tented camp.

LAKE NAIVASHA  – LAKE NAKURU (80 kms Approx. 1.5 hrs)

Very close to Lake Naivasha lies dramatic Hell’s Gate National Park. We’ll bicycle there for a cycling or walking safari past the peacefully grazing giraffe, zebra, antelope and more. It’s the perfect way to get close to the wildlife.

Then it’s a quick drive to Lake Nakuru National Park for its rich and varied birdlife, including some very bright, pink flamingoes.

This beautiful park hosts a rhino sanctuary where we’ll track both black and white species. But there’s even more: lion, cheetah and other game roam this reserve. We’ll also look for giraffe, zebra, warthog and much more.

Tonight, we’ll stay at your Lake Nakuru safari lodge or tented camp.

LAKE NAKURU- MASAI MARA (290km – Approx. 6 hrs)

We’re going to cover a lot of ground today – one last drive through Lake Nakuru and then it’s on to what some consider the crown jewel of Kenya’s parks – the Masai Mara National Reserve.

We’ll enjoy lunch en route and still get to the park with plenty of time for an afternoon game drive. Here you’ll take in the park’s rolling savannah, with its iconic acacia trees, punctuating the landscape.

The Mara features a rich eco-system with a very high density of wildlife, featuring many prides of lion. The reserve hosts over 95 mammals with excellent opportunities for many sightings.  During your 3 days here, there will be unlimited game drives, should you choose.

Our first of two nights at the Mara will be either at your safari lodge or tented camp.


The Masai Mara is home to Africa’s “Big Five” with a dense population of the big cats. It is also home to thousands of wildebeest and zebra. And should you be here during the season of the Great Migration (July – October) you’ll witness tens of thousands of the streaming wildlife as they pour into the park on their yearly trek.

We will journey down to the Mara River, site of this great crossing where crocodile and other predators lie in wait for the migrating herds. We’ll also spot pods of hippo in their natural river habitat.

While at the Mara you can partake of several optional activities we offer to enhance your stay. Visit the local Maasai at their nearby village. Get to meet these indigenous people and learn about their herding culture.

Then, experience the Masai Mara in a way few have – take an early morning hot air balloon safari over the park as the sun ushers the land and the animals to a new day. You’ll float above the park with vistas of the rivers, savannah and the wildlife in an unforgettable panorama. Just ask your guide to make arrangements for either or both of these delightful experiences.

Our final night at the Mara will be at your choice of accommodation.

MASAI MARA – NAIROBI (260 kms, Appx. 6 hrs)

It’s the last day at the Masai Mara and our final day of safari. Let’s get up early to make the most of it!

We’ll head out on a pre-breakfast game drive to catch more sightings on the broad sweep of this spectacular reserve. Time to add more wildlife to your safari checklist.

Then, after breakfast, we’ll have one more game drive as we exit the park on our way back to Nairobi.

We should arrive back in Nairobi in the late afternoon.

We hope you enjoyed your African safari with us. The numbers are indeed impressive – 7 days, 5 national parks and countless wildlife sightings!

We’ll drop you off in Nairobi at either the airport or train station, depending on your choice of plane or train.

Your flight for the coast leaves at 18:30 hrs. and arrives in Mombasa at 19:30 hrs.

Back in Mombasa we’ll meet you and bring you back to your hotel, resort or residence.

We loved having you as our guest for the week and seeing the best of Kenya. Please visit us for your next safari experience and thank you for your trust and patronage!

What you could see on a 7 day Tsavo East, Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru Safari

  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Thomsons Gazelle
  • Dik- dik
  • Rhino
  • Lion
  • Baboon
  • Buffalo
  • Nile Crocodile
  • Bushbuck
  • Leopard
  • Prolific birdlife
  • Guided walking safari
  • Hell's Gate viting
  • Eland


Safari accommodation options for each location
Tsavo East National park 
Luxury level lodge/tented camp optionSatao Camp , Ashnil Aruba Tents
Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionAshnil Aruba Lodge, Sentrim Tsavo Camp, Voi Wildlife Lodge, Galana Crocodile Camp, Ngutuni Safari Lodge
Economy level lodge/ tented camp optionVoi Safari Lodge
Amboseli National park 
Luxury level lodge/tented camp optionOltukai lodge, Amboseli Serena lodge, Zebra Plains Amboseli, Tortilis Camp, Satao Elerai Camp, Tawi lodge
Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionKibo Safari Camp, AA Lodge/camp , Amboseli Sopa Lodge
Economy level lodge/ tented camp optionSentrim Amboseli Camp
Lake Naivasha 
Luxury level lodge/tented camp optionLake Naivasha sopa, Naivasha Simba resort, Lake Naivasha Country club, Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort
Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionElsamere Lodge, Naivasha Crescent Camp
Economy level lodge/ tented camp optionNaivasha Kongoni Lodge
Lake Nakuru National park 
Luxury level lodge/tented camp optionSarova Lion hill, Lake Nakuru sopa lodge, Flamingo camp
Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionLake Nakuru Lodge, Sarova Woodlands, The Pelican Lodge, Sentrim Elementaita
Economy level lodge/ tented camp optionLake Nakuru Lodge
Masai Mara Game Reserve: 
Luxury level lodge/tented camp optionRoyal Mara, Mara Serena Safari Lodge, Ashnil Mara Camp, Mara Siria Camp, Mara Sarova Game Camp, Kandili Camp, Mara Engai camp, *Karen Blixen, Eagle View Camp
Superior Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionTipilikwani Mara Camp, Mara River Camp, Keekorok Lodge, Sekenani Camp, Matira Camp, Emayian Luxury Camp Mara Simba Lodge, Ilkeliani Camp, Loyk Mara Camp, Olengoti Eco Safari Camp
Comfort level lodge/tented camp optionMara Leisure Camp, AA Lodge, Osero Camp, Azure Mara Haven, Mara River Lodge, Mara Sun lodge, Sentrim Mara Camp, Siana Springs, , Mara Sopa Lodge , Losokwan Luxury Tented Camp, Zebra Plains Mara, Base Camp Explorer
Economy level lodge/ tented camp optionEnkorok, Elangata Olerai, Ol Moran, Mara Chui Camp, Jambo Mara Safari Lodge, Explore Nature Mara Lodge, La Maison Royale (LMR) Mara Camp

Tour Price Includes

Not Included In the Tour Price:
- Bottled & Soft Drinks
- Items and services of a personal nature
- Tips & Gratuities.

Our Accreditations and Booking Security

Natural World Kenya safaris is Member No.FA/440 - Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) bonding scheme. The scheme is insured to guarantee your holiday safari in the unlikely event that a bonded KATO member ceases operating.

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