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World of Crocodiles

If crocodiles hold a special place of interest for you, (and who isn’t entranced by these strange, prehistoric beasts?) then a visit to Mamba Village is a must. The largest reptile farm in Kenya, you’ll find pools filled with every variation of croc – from the smallest hatchlings to a 5m (15 ft) long “Big Daddy” beast, who is reputedly 100 years old.

Mamba Village also features a serpentarium with a collection of snakes, a botanical garden and an aquarium. Look for displays of aquatic plants and orchids. And if all that wasn’t enough, the village also offers horseback riding with lessons, and even camel riding! There’s plenty to fill out your visit, from a leisurely stroll through the gardens to an in-depth tour of the world’s most fascinating reptiles.

The tour begins with a video about these fearsome reptiles and their importance in our ecosystems. You’ll hear interesting tidbits about their life span, size, behavior and more. Your guide will continue sharing fun crocodile facts as you tour the farm, viewing all types of crocs, learning about their history, age, length, and even the power of their bite!

A big highlight of every tour is feeding time. Here you’ll witness at close range the primal forces of nature in play. Enticed with large chunks of meat, the giants explode in a fierce battle, fighting for their supper.

You can also enjoy a meal at the village restaurant where you’ll find such specialties on the menu like zebra, ostrich, and of course, crocodile meat.

About Mamba Village

Climate: Mombasa has a tropical climate with more rainfall in the winter months. March is usually the warmest month with an average temperature of 29oC/82oF.

Location: 12km (7.5 mi) north of the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa.

Operating Hours: The Park is open from 09:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. (6 pm) daily.

Getting there: You can book a tour with Natural World Kenya Safaris in Mombasa.

By air: Moi International Airport is the main aviation hub serving the coastal city of Mombasa.

Things to Do and See

Guided Tours – see and learn about the vital nature of crocodiles in nature. Observe the largest variety of these fascinating reptiles in East Africa.

Botanical Gardens – the gardens and aquarium feature a variety of colorful species, including orchids.

Horseback & Camel Riding – the estate offers horseback riding and lessons. And for the adventurous, camel riding!

Feeding Time – every day at 17:00 hrs. (5 pm) see the immense crocs duke it out for their big meal.

Village Restaurant – sample a taste of game meats, including crocodile.

Discover Mamba Village

Crocodiles of every age and size occupy this unique farm. Add snakes, horseback riding, camels, and a botanical garden and you have a most unique African experience.

Mamba Village with Natural World Kenya Safaris

Take a Natural World Kenya Safaris tour to Mamba Village and view more crocodiles than you ever thought possible. Finish the day with a stroll in their botanical gardens.

We have safaris departing from Mombasa to this and other special Kenya Parks and attractions for your Africa holiday.

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