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How To Plan An Affordable Safari

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How To Plan An Affordable Safari

  • Natural World Kenya Safaris
  • March 16th, 2020

An African safari provides boundless adventure, breathtaking scenery, and is an experience unlike no other. It should be on the bucket list of every traveller. The opportunity to switch-off from the fast-pace of the modern world is something everybody needs to try at least once. But safaris come at a cost. In this article, we outline the numerous ways you can enjoy a cheap African safari this 2020.

Popular safari locations to consider

Affordable safari destinations are typically those that are the most accessible. More remote areas that require the use of fly-in planes or more complex modes of transport tend to have higher costs. African budget safaris are possible across many areas of Africa, including;

Typical examples include the Masai Mara Game reserve ,Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Amboseli National Park. For even more budget-friendly locations, consider Kenya  and Tanzania for economy lodge or Tented camping safaris from the many local, affordable tour operators.

Key tips for an affordable African safari

If you are planning a cheap African safari, it is important to be aware of the following tips to ensure you get the best value safari for your money:

  • Easy to reach parks – Stick to the larger, easy to reach national parks. These tend to be cheaper than the more inaccessible areas. Any locations that require multiple modes of transport, such as local flights , should be avoided.
  • Local Tour operators – Local Tour operators tend to be cheaper than large international companies and may be able to offer commission free safari tour prices. It can be well-worth using a tour operator that has a local office.
  • Budget accommodation – Luxury safaris usually involve staying in accommodation on a private reserve, with all the facilities expected in an upscale hotel. Economy Lodge / Camp  accommodation makes the trip cheaper.
  • Group safari – Travelling in groups gives the opportunity to spread the cost of travel and accommodation, and meet new people with similar interests. This method also allows you to share costs for guides and park fees.
  • Low season – The low season (April -June) has more rain and may be less postcard picturesque at times, but the costs will be significantly lower. Compromising by visiting in the low season can save money to spend elsewhere.
  • Self-drive options – Some parks will allow you to hire a car and self-drive. This can sometimes be more economical than booking private tours. It also gives you the opportunity to explore on your own, free from itinerary restrictions.

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We also offer customised excursions for people who want a day tour to a city or other nearby location.

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How To Plan An Affordable Safari
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